Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Grow Healthy Bush Variety Green Beans

Have you always wanted to grow green beans, but were never able to carry it out? Growing green beans is just as easy as any other vegetable. I grow the “bush” variety and have had tremendous success by planting Ferry-Morse “Contender” variety. Follow these tips and you can have the same success.

Start off by preparing your garden soil with quality compost, either freshly complete from your own garden compost pile, or purchased from your local supplier. Turn the compost into the soil and water heavily. Wait one week before planting your seed.

Check the back of the seed package for the current “LOT” year printed on the package. Making sure you start out with fresh seed is the first step to success. If you soak your seeds in water overnight, your germination success rate will be much improved.

Plant your seed after the last frost, according to the USDA map on the package for your region. Bush green beans are typically planted to a depth of one inch. They are usually spaced about four inches apart in rows spaced twenty inches apart. Expect your seedlings to pop their heads up after about 7 days. Thin them to about six inches apart.

Once the seedlings are up and have grown the second set of “true” leaves, I mulch heavily (4 to 6 inches) with wheat straw. Bush beans will grow in almost any kind of soil, but it helps to side dress your rows with well-rotted manure or finished compost just prior to the plants setting beans.

Beans are known for adding a lot of value to the soil by producing bacteria in the nodules on the roots, improving both the physical condition and the fertility of the soil. Make sure you clip the plants off at the soil level at the end of the growing season, and turn under the root system.

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